Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the event?
All of our venue locations are initially kept a Secret. We like to keep an air of mystery, but we will always provide the basic information such as what to expect in terms of scenery or the general feel of the buildings.  After the initial launch of applications and ticket sales we will continue to give away more clues for the venue. We will state the venue prior to the event date for those that want to purchase any remaining tickets. Please be aware that some events sell out quickly.   
Once tickets are purchased full details of the venue, including further photos or videos, will be shared with attendees so they are able to fully prepare in advance. We do ask that purchasers keep the Secret until the venue is disclosed on our socials, so others can join in on the mystery.  
What facilities are available?
General details on toilet, changing and catering facilities will be displayed on our website for each venue. As you progress to purchasing a ticket more specific information regarding the venue will be available.
Transport Links & Parking

Each venue will be unique so we will update this information in social communications prior to any tickets being purchased.  We try our best to have venues that do have close public transportation links.

The exact location of the venue and more information on parking and how to get to the venue will be given. 

Why 18+

Due to the nature of the event, we want to ensure that all attendees feel comfortable with the styles of shooting (although no art nude, implied nude or above levels will be allowed at the venue). We also encourage any form of cosplay, including those that may be deemed slightly inappropriate for the usual family-friendly conventions. Overall we want everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed in the environment to get the most from the day.

If a Photographer or Cosplayer has something in mind that may infringe on the above rules, please discuss with the team in advance of the event and we’ll see if there’s a way to make an exception.  However, all requests will be on a case by case basis and we may not be able to accommodate them depending on the venue. 



How accessible are the venues?
We will always try to ensure where possible that our events are accessible for everyone. However, due to the change of venues for different events, and that some of them will not be modern state of the art buildings and facilities, the answer will vary per event.

Accessibility info will be displayed on our website for each venue so you can see a general overview of the venue before applying. As you progress to purchasing a ticket more specific information regarding the venue will be available.

Please contact a member of the team either via one of our social media platforms or by sending us an email to [email protected].

Does my follower count matter?
We do not care if you have a big or small following and will never ask that.

We only ask for social media accounts for the purposes of verifying that you are a cosplayer, photographer or videographer.

Why do I need to apply to some of the events?
Our events have a more limited capacity than conventional events. The app process is to maximise the cosplay & photography attendees.

This is our only criteria for applications, if for any reason that differs for an event we will clearly specify it on the application.

What happens after the applications?
Once an application has been processed, you will be notified via email and linked back to our website where a new option will become available to purchase a ticket. Sometimes emails can be rejected or sent to spam so if in doubt log in and check manually on the site yourself after we announce tickets are on sale. 
Please note tickets are on a first come first serve basis so if you want to attend, make sure to grab your ticket early.
Once you’ve purchased your ticket you will be sent an email confirmation and more specific information about the venue will become available on the website along with a link to our private Facebook group.  We can’t recommend enough that you join this group, whether it’s on a new Facebook account or even one that’s not in your true name.  We post a lot of information here in real-time, answer FAQs, and we are able to upload a lot more photos and videos of the venue in advance.  You can also join the socialising or watch other people’s posts that may have the same kind of questions you do.  People also tend to post their finished photos.
We’ll send out emails to all attendees with important updates on the event will be available on its page on our website 
Weapons policy
We are more relaxed than some major UK events. However, sometimes we are bound by the guidelines of our venues. We also want people to be as safe as possible and follow UK laws.

  • No metal props such as knives or swords are allowed.
  • Fully functional firearms are not permitted, replica guns (including airsoft guns, bb guns, cap guns, paintball guns and pellet guns) are forbidden without a brightly coloured safety tip. and props must be safely transported to the venue by concealing them. Any Realistic Imitation Firearms are only allowed to be uncovered inside the venue. Any ammunition for these firearms is strictly forbidden. This includes all projectile weapons such as bows and crossbows.
  • All weapons and props must have rounded or blunt edges and/or padded ends and must be incapable of causing harm. String bows are permitted. However, the string must not be tensioned, and tips of the arrows must not be metal and must be blunt or soft. We don’t want any accidents.
  • Wooden props are allowed but must not be sharp and must always be carried safely around the event. No swinging of items is permitted, should you need to replicate for a pose, please ensure you have plenty of space around you. These will also need to be safely transported to the venue.
  • Glass props are not permitted at the venue due to the risk of shattering.

Secret Con staff reserve the right to inspect all weapons and props for safety. Any failure to follow the event rules, or if we deem the prop, weapon or costume is of a dangerous nature – we will ask the ticket holder to leave the item with crew to be held and collected when attendee is leaving the event.

If you are unsure whether your prop fits within the event guidelines, contact us here

What Photography gear should I bring?

We advise that you pack light where possible.  Anything you do bring needs to be battery operated, preferably hand held if possible, but if not small in terms of the space it may take up. We don’t want any potential trip hazards so please be mindful of where you place lighting. Also we ask people not to set up camp in a particular area to ensure that people get fair use of the venue. 

Most venues, and also due to insurance purposes do not allow the use of pyrotechnics or smoke. So we ask that you do not use anything like smoke bombs, atmospheric spray unless outside in a ventilated area and not likely to cause any damage, or plug in smoke machines.  Battery operated smoke machines may be acceptable with the expressed permission from the organisers. Vaping pens are subject to the venue indoors so please do check first.  Drones are also not allowed.

We will make communications regarding this for each event and our resident photographer is always available to check with prior to the event. 


We have a gallery to showcase some of the great images produced by attendees at previous events. Check it out by clicking on the link below.

Merch Store

We are beginning to produce our own merchandise range which will be updated for each event. To check out what is available click on the link below to have a look.


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