Privacy & Policy

Our privacy policy is here to enable you to feel more confident in understanding why, and how, we control your data.

Who are we?

Secret Con Ltd are an events company, specialising in events for Cosplayers and Photographers. Our company registration number is 13583558. We are registered with the ICO And our number is ZB398877. We are also known as the ‘data controller’ as we control the ‘personal data’ given to us by you.

What do you collect?

At present we collect basic cookies from our website and application portal, please see our Cookie Policy for more information.

We also collect:

Any information given to us via email communications (including your email address used).

Any information given to us via our direct communication channels on social media.

Email addresses given to us on the website.

Names, social media handles, and emails were given to us via our application pages.

Any photos from our events sent to us with expressed consent from the photographer.

Why do you collect this?

We will retain your email address, when given to us with consent, for the purpose of keeping you informed about the events you are attending and for additional marketing to tell you about new events we have coming up.

We retain your social media details, name, and associated email addresses on our application database to make approvals quicker for the next event, once verified you will then sit in an automatic approval queue should you wish to apply for a future event. They are also retained to form your own personal profile for operational purposes.

Any information given to us via email or our social media channels may be retained for a short period of time as reference for any further communication. It may be retained in an anonymous manner, ensuring all ‘personal data’ that can identify an individual is erased but the scenario will remain to be used in house for training and development of our Directorate, or with our volunteers as a case subject. This may include redacted emails or direct messages.

Any photos sent to us from our events may be used for marketing purposes, consent for use of any photos containing individuals is gained via the Terms & Conditions of ticket purchase. You do however have the right to request removal. You may do so by emailing [email protected]

How do I know my data is safe?

We take data security very seriously, whether it’s personal or sensitive. We treat all data as if it was our own and how we would expect it to be handled. All our Directorate are trained in Information Governance, and our volunteers even with basic access are GDPR trained. Our systems and devices are secure, and we regularly review data security as part of our wider business risk.

Do we share your information?

All our processes and operations are in house so we will never share your data with a third party unless we are lawfully required to do so by a governing body, Government Authority or by any other statutory or legal obligation.

Additional Data

On occasion we may collect additional data from you.

If you are a volunteer this will be in the form of a government-issued I.D, that will be retained in line with our data retention policy. We may also ask you to disclose additional information for operational purposes; this may include questions around disability, general health, or religion, for the purpose of ensuring facilities, are adequate, any specific dietary requirements are met, you are able to fulfil your volunteer duties, and to see if we can offer you additional support where possible.

For carers we may also request certain information such as government issued documentation to issue a valid carer pass to one of our events. These documents will be securely disposed of, and or erased, after the relevant event has taken place.

In the event of an emergency, we may request and or pass on any medical, emergency contact, or other details deemed necessary to ensure adequate care and response can be provided.

Data retention

We hold all data in line with our data retention policy. We only retain information that is deemed necessary to the operation, user experience, or for analytical & marketing purposes.

You have the right to erasure; this means you may ask us to remove and erase your data. You also have the right to change the data that we hold. You can do either of these by contacting [email protected] There are exemptions such as journalism, and any legal obligations where we would need to retain your data in order to comply with financial or other regulations. We will always do our best to oblige your requests. However, if the request is deemed manifestly unfounded or excessive, we do have the right to charge a fee or reject your request.

You have Right of Access to your information. Please email [email protected] for a ‘Subject Access Request Form’. If a request is deemed excessive or unreasonable, we do have the right to ask you to narrow your request. In the unlikely circumstance where we believe the request is being made maliciously to harass or cause expense to the business, we do have the right to refuse.

Still Unsure?

If you are still unsure, please contact [email protected] where a member of the team will be happy to help.


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